Alyssa Faulkner


Alyssa Faulkner: (Lvl 9, Dedicated 4,Fast2, Soldier 1, Field Medic 2)
STR: 12(1) INT: 14(2) FORT: 8 HP: 23 Speed: 35
DEX: 14(2) WIS: 16(3) REF: 6 AC: 21 BAB: 5
CON: 14(2) CHA: 12(1) WILL: 7 INIT: 17 Grple: 6
Valkyrie DMR 5 1d10 S/B det box 30 19-20(x2) 180
10 Mags, 2x/4x scope (NV), NV Laser, Tac light, Anti-theft, Supressor
Argent Shotgun +3 3d6 S Internal 8 18-20(2x) 8
16 Shells, 4Breech, tac light, NV laser, anti-theft
Whisp Pistol +0 1d6 S det box 10 20(2x) 10
4 Mags, tac light, NV laser, suppressor, anti-theft
Combat tomakawk +2 1d8 - - 19-20(x2) 0
Combat Knife +1 1d6 - - 20(x2) 0
2xFRAG Blast 3(3d10), blast 5(1d10) shrapnel (AP 4)
2xFlash Bang Blast 5 [Stuns 1 turn FORT 15 ends, Blinds, FORT 15 ends]
2xClaymore Mine Cone 10, 6d8, soak negation 4, Range 5(lose 2d8)
Varus med Armor med Armor Soak 4, Incorporates a temperature control system, +4 Hide vs Thermal detection. Resist fire 3, protects against gas and airborne toxins
Ghille Suit cloth armor Soak 0, Grants +4 Hide bonus when stationary or shifting
Weapon Focus Rifles, Prof Light/med armor, Prof simple/ prof Rifles, pistols
Healing Knack (
2 treat injury, 3 total), Healing touch 1 (2 to surgeries/use med kit)
when a Med kit or surgery kit is used, medic lvl to health restored
Medical Specialist (
1 treat injury, +3 total)


Alyssa Faulkner was born to a German mother, and a native American father. Her mother was a researcher at a university, and was not around much. Alyssa learned much from her father, about how to read the land and the weather, and how to survive in the wild. When Alyssa joined the military as a Field Medic at the age of 18, her parents accepted her decision, but were very displeased. When Alyssa was headhunted for Tier One Operations, She had to fake her death. It was the hardest thing she ever had to do: watch her parents mourn her death and attend her funeral. Later, she was able to go to them, and tell them where she was going, but the experience drove a wedge between her parents and herself. Still, Alyssa went on to become one of the best field medics TZO has to offer, as well as a first rate marksman and leader.
Hoping that Alyssa could tame Juno McFarlane’s Rambunctious nature, TZO command assigned Alyssa to Sheppard the girl. Before the Apocalypse, Alyssa was with Juno in Afghanistan, hunting insurgents in the hills alongside US tier one operatives.

Alyssa Faulkner

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