Black Forest Infantry


Black Forest Infantry: (Lvl 4, Strong 3, Soldier 1)
STR: 14(2) INT: 11(0) FORT: 5 HP: 29 Speed: 25
DEX: 12(1) WIS: 12(1) REF: 3 AC: 14 BAB: 3
CON: 14(2) CHA: 10(0) WILL: 2 INIT: 12 Grple: 5
ACR-55 Assault Rifle +4 1d10 S/F det box 30 19-20(x2) 120
4x scope, 10 mags, underslung weapon, tac Light, NV, NV laser, anti-theft
UWS-3 Shotgun +1 3d6 S Internal 2 18-20(x2) 2
Underslung Shotgun attachment (optional). 6 rounds
UWS-7 Grenadier +3 3d10 S Internal 2 20(x2) 35
Grenade launcher attachment: concussive Blast 3, DC 14 for 1/2 AP4
ACS-12 Shotgun +4 3d6 S/F det box 12 18-20(2x) 5
4 mags, , 12 Breaching rounds, tac light, Night vision, NV Laser,anti-theft
ACS-90 SAW +5 1d8 S/F/B Det Box 200 18-20 250
Bipod, 2x scope, Night vision, NV laser, Anti-theft
ACR-52 SO RIFLE +3 1d10 S/F det box 30 19-20
2x scope, 10 mags, tac light, NV, NV laser, suppressor, anti-theft
ACS-40 MGL +3 var S Det Box 10 20(x2) 40
2x scope, 4 mag , tac Light, NV laser, anti-theft
HE: 4d6 concussive. Blast 2 REF 16 for ½ dmg(AP 4) HESH: 5d4 concussive, Blast 2 REF 10 to negate dmg (AP 8)
CS: blast 4 cloud 5 round turns grants partial conceal, chars in it FORT 16 or can only move. Blind, FORT 10 ends.
Smoke: Blast 6 Cloud grants total concealment. Lasts 10 rounds.
Flash Bang: Blast 3 [Stuns 1 turn, FORT 15 to end, Blinds FORT 15 ends
PDP-16 Pistol +1 1d8
1 S det box 12 20(2x) 12
4 Mags, tac light, NV laser, anti-theft
Combat Machete +1 1d8 - - 20(x2) 0
FRAG Blast 3(3d10), blast 5(1d10) shrapnel (AP 4)
Flash Bang Blast 5 [Stuns 1 turn FORT 15 ends, Blinds, FORT 15 ends]
ACA 30 Armor Heavy Soak:5 Protects against airborne vector toxins, gases, etc. Equipped with NVG, GPS, Single Beam COMM, and Secure COMM. Helmet grants +3 equipment bonus vs sonic and Luminous


The Bulk of the armed forces in the Black Forest Armed Forces are Infantry. Highly disciple and trained, They are equal in skill to Force Recon operators. Infantry operate in Teams of 5, 1 sergent and 4 riflemen. A typical squad will have 2 SAWs and 3 riflemen. The SAW operators carry an assault rifle as a secondary, while Riflemen carry shotguns as secondaries. BF infantry are all altered through drug regimens, controlled diets, and through years of training to be better than other soldiers. They are trained to do hundreds of different missions, and to respond to hundreds of possible threats. Their heavy armor makes them slower, but they can shrug off tremendous punishment.

Black Forest Infantry

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