Black Forest initiate


Black Forest initiate: (Lvl 2, Strong 2)
STR: 12(1) INT: 10(0) FORT: 3 HP: 14 Speed: 30
DEX: 11(0) WIS: 11(0) REF: 0 AC: 12 BAB: 2
CON: 12(1) CHA: 10(0) WILL: 0 INIT: 10 Grple: +2
ACR-53 Carbine +3 1d8 S/F det box 30 19-20(x2) 120
2x scope, 8 mags, theft prevention sys
ACS-9 Shotgun +3 3d6 S Internal 8 18-20(2x) 5
8 extra rounds, theft prevention system, 4 Breaching rounds
PDP-12 Pistol +0 1d6 S/F det box 15 20(2x) 10
2 Mags, theft Prevention system
Combat Knife +0 1d6 - - 20(x2) 0
HE Grenade Blast 2(2d10), blast 3(1d6) Concussive (AP 4)
Flash Bang Blast 5 [Stuns 1 turn FORT 15 ends, Blinds, FORT 15 ends]


Black forest Initiates are Members of the Black forest organization (BFO) who, for various reasons, did not undergo the drug enhancement process. Sometimes this is by choice, other times it is because they did not pass the necessary physical and/or mental exams. Initiates are ruthless and well trained, but are overall, weaker than the rest of the Black Forest Armed Forces. Many times, they have a chip on their shoulder, and exhibit erratic behavior. Initiates are usually given the “grunt” work that the Black Forest’s Higher ups consider beneath their main forces, including mopping up areas that the infantry has already been through, or guarding prisoners or internment camps. In skill, an initiate is comparable to a entry Level SWAT member, or a reasonably well trained army rifleman. Their equipment is considered “lacking” compared to the rest of the BFAF, but it is still easily on PAR with American Military forces. Initiates work in groups ranging from 4 to 40 men, usually organized into squads of 4, commanded by an initiate sergeant who bears yellow goggles, and whose armor has single yellow stripes. Sergents have the same stats as their peers, and are usually the most level-headed of the bunch. They are chosen more because a leader is needed, and they fit the bill best, rather than for superior abilities.

Black Forest initiate

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