Black Forest Scout Sniper


Black Forest Scout Sniper: (Lvl 5, Fast4, Soldier 1)
STR: 12(1) INT: 14(2) FORT: HP: Speed:
DEX: 16(6) WIS: 14(2) REF: AC: BAB:
CON: 12(1) CHA: 8(1) WILL: INIT: Grple:
ACS-73 Sniper Rifle +5 3d10 S Det Box 10 19-20(x2) 300
Bipod, Variable Zoom Scope 12x, Night vision, Thermal, Range finder, Anti-theft
ACS-76 Sniper Rifle +5 4d8 S Det Box 10 19-20(x2) 400
Bipod, Variable Zoom Scope 20x, Night vision, Thermal, Range finder, Anti-theft

ACR-33 SMG +2 1d6 S/F det box 40 19-20(x2) 40
2x scope, 4 mags, tac Light, NV, NV laser, suppressor, anti-theft
PDP-14 Pistol +1 1d6 S det box 14 20(2x) 10
4 Mags, tac light, NV laser, suppressor, anti-theft
Combat Machete +1 1d8 - - 20(x2) 0
Remote charge Blast 4(3d12), blast 7(1d12) Concussive
2xClaymore Mine Cone 10, 6d8, soak negation 4, Range 5(lose 2d8)
ACA 44 Armor Light Soak:3 .bulit in GPS, GEOSAT COMM, Single Beam COMM, and Secure COMM. Grants +3 to hide checks and +2 to hide against IR. Helmet grants +2 equipment bonus vs sonic and Luminous, Protects against airborne vector toxins, gases, etc and has a built in 5x zoom scope and laser rangefinder, Tac light, and NVG attached


Similar to the Scout Snipers of the US Marine Corps, the Black Forest Scout Sniper (BFSS) is sent in either ahead of main forces to designate and soften critical targets during conventional warfare, or is used as an assassin. Because of the uniqueness of their weapons and ammo, BFSS units have not been fully tested. For most of their operations pre-apocalypse, BFSS units used an accurized version of the M82 Barrett, the P90, and the FiveSeven.
BFSS units are chosen from among the ranks of the Black Forest Infantry (BFI) and are given additional drug-induced enhancements. They do not train in the heavy armor of the BFI, and therefore do not develop the higher Strength. They are, however trained greatly in dexterity, mobility, and infiltration. BFI units tend to be anti-social, and have trouble fitting in with other Black Forest personnel. They typically exhibit extreme suspicion of everyone, almost to the extent of being paranoid. Because of their training, they tend to be planners, and sometimes over-analytical. They have little problem falling back to their training when facing the unexpected, but they tend to over-complex plans that border on convoluted. These traits make them harder to anticipate and counter, so they are encouraged by trainers.
BFSS will often move into an operation area, and kill their targets in 24 hours or less, but will just as often take their time planning an attack. Some BFSS units will spend months observing their target before completing their mission. BFI are usually backed by at least 1 BFSS, though the opposite is not always true. When you see a BFI you can bet that there is a BFSS somewhere relatively close, though you may never see them.

Black Forest Scout Sniper

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