Hera Mancini


Hera Mancini: (Lvl 7, Dedicated 3, Fast 2, Soldier 2)
STR: 12(2) INT: 12(1) FORT: 0 HP: Speed:
DEX: 17(3) WIS: 12(1) REF: 3 AC: 13 BAB:
CON: 11(0) CHA: 14(2) WILL: 1 INIT: Grple:
Rei Sniper Platform 8 3d102 S det box 10 19-20(x2) 300
4 Mags, 12x Variable scope (NV,IR, Range), AP 7, anti-theft, bipod, anti-glare lens
Callisto Assault Rifle +3 1d10 S/B det box 30 19-20(x2) 110
4 Mags, 2x scope (NV), NV Laser, Tac light, Anti-theft, Supressor
Whisp Pistol +0 1d6 S det box 10 20(2x) 10
4 Mags, tac light, NV laser, suppressor, anti-theft
Combat tomakawk +2 1d8 - - 19-20(x2) 0
Combat Knife +1 1d6 - - 20(x2) 0
2xFRAG Blast 3(3d10), blast 5(1d10) shrapnel (AP 4)
2xFlash Bang Blast 5 [Stuns 1 turn FORT 15 ends, Blinds, FORT 15 ends]
2xClaymore Mine Cone 10, 6d8, soak negation 4, Range 5(lose 2d8)
Strepos Mk4 Armor Light Armor Soak 2, Incorporates a temperature control system, +4 Hide vs Thermal detection. Resist fire 1, Protects against Airborne contaminants
Ghille Suit cloth armor Soak 0, Grants +4 Hide bonus when stationary or shifting
Uncanny Dodge (no loss of Dex when flat footed) Stealthy: +2 to hide and move silently
Weapon Focus/Specialization Rei Sniper Rifle, Prof Light armor, Prof simple/sniper, prof Rifles
+6 move silently, +8 Hide
Sweep: +4 to spot w/in 30 feet, search for traps enemies, alarms, surveillance as a free action (obvious stuff dc 10)


Hera Mancini was born to the mistress of the Rich Itallian Politician Paulo Mancini. When Paulo’s wife died in an attempt on his life, Paulo quickly married his mistress. Juno Grew up surrounded by luxury. She was waited on hand and foot by attendants, and got basically anything she wanted. Hera’s personal body-guard, Jolene Atali, an ex-Mossad operative became a close friend and confidant early in Hera’s life. Atali taught Hera to be confident, competitive, and to never let anyone look down on her. Later in life, Hera would express interest in firearms, and Atali would come to train Hera in marksmanship.
Hera’s Mother and Adoptive father would eventually be killed by a bomb, and she was presumed dead. To protect her, Atali took Hera as her own. When Atali was headhunted by TZO, Atali was brought along as well. It was in Hawaii that Hera would first meet Juno; the 2 were fast friends, but also fast to drift apart. Hera’s high and mighty attitude, her selfish tendencies and her flirting quickly drove a wedge between the girls, though in Hera’s opinion, Juno was a cold stick in the mud. Now the girls regularly butt heads, and their mindsets and habits put them at odds.

Hera Mancini

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