Juno McFarlane

TZO operative


Juno McFarlane: (Lvl 7, Fast4, Infiltrator 1, Soldier 2)
STR: 10(0) INT: 14(2) FORT: 3 HP: 34 Speed: 35
DEX: 18(4) WIS: 14(2) REF: 7 AC: 20 BAB: 4
CON: 11(0) CHA: 12(1) WILL: 2 INIT: 19 Grple: 7
Rei Sniper Platform 10 3d102 S det box 10 19-20(x2) 300
4 Mags, 12x Variable scope (NV,IR, Range), AP 7, anti-theft, bipod, anti-glare lens
Callisto Assault Rifle +3 1d10 S/B det box 30 19-20(x2) 110
4 Mags, 2x scope (NV), NV Laser, Tac light, Anti-theft, Supressor
Whisp Pistol +0 1d6 S det box 10 20(2x) 10
4 Mags, tac light, NV laser, suppressor, anti-theft
Combat tomakawk +2 1d8 - - 19-20(x2) 0
Combat Knife +1 1d6 - - 20(x2) 0
2xFRAG Blast 3(3d10), blast 5(1d10) shrapnel (AP 4)
2xFlash Bang Blast 5 [Stuns 1 turn FORT 15 ends, Blinds, FORT 15 ends]
2xClaymore Mine Cone 10, 6d8, soak negation 4, Range 5(lose 2d8)
Strepos Mk4 Armor Light Armor Soak 2, Incorporates a temperature control system, +4 Hide vs Thermal detection. Resist fire 1, Protects against Airborne contaminants
Ghille Suit cloth armor Soak 0, Grants +4 Hide bonus when stationary or shifting
Uncanny Dodge (no loss of Dex when flat footed) Stealthy: +2 to hide and move silently
Weapon Focus/Specialization Rei Sniper Rifle, Prof Light armor, Prof simple/sniper, prof Rifles
+6 move silently, +8 Hide
Sweep: +4 to spot w/in 30 feet, search for traps enemies, alarms, surveillance as a free action (obvious stuff dc 10)


Orphaned at the age of 2, Juno was adopted by 1st Lt Alexis Mcfarlane, a tier 1 operator with the US military. She was raised primarily by her adoptive father, Rick McFarlane, a A10 warthog pilot with Force recon on military Bases. When Juno was 14, Her mother was headhunted by the mysterious organization “Tier Zero Operations”. When her mother accepted the position, She, Juno and Rick Had their deaths faked, and secretly moved to the TZO’s Lanai Base in hawaii. Juno lived most of her life after that on O’ahu, The primary Island of the Hawaii, seeing little of her parents during the week, an a lot of them during weekends. Juno was regularly at the Lanai base visiting, and was allowed to take some rudimentary training courses from tutors. Once Juno reached the age of 22 and graduated from UH manoa with a degree in Physics, she was also headhunted by TZO. She moved to the Base shortly after, though she actually maintains relationships with several other children of TZO operatives.
Juno was assigned to partner with Alyssa Faulkner, a seasoned operative, and the 2 quickly became a successful sniper/spotter combination. Up until the apocalypse, she was on assignment in Afghanistan, aiding US armed forces in clearing out terrorists from the hills.
Juno’s Skills are on-par with those of a Tier 1 operator, but she excels at sniping. She tends to be cynical and snippy, and has a soft spot for dogs. She looks up to Alyssa as a second mother of sorts, and has a tendency toward rather dark humor. She often chuckles quietly when she snipes a person. “boom. Headshot.”

Juno McFarlane

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