Tier Zero Operations (TZO)

Tier Zero Operations is a multi-national Para-Military organization, that officially operates under the jurisdiction of the UN government. Un-officially, they take orders from no one: TZO’s operations are all Black-ops, and their operatives all all expertly trained. Most people never know that TZO operatives walk among them, and even fewer realize how much their organization does.

Similar to Special operations and commando organizations like the Spetznaz, US Navy Seals, British SAS and US Army Tier One Operators, all TZO field operatives operate alone or (more likely) in small groups, better suited to precision strikes than conventional warfare. If the normal army is the Hammer, then Special operations is the scalpel, and TZO is the surgical laser.

TZO has holdings all over the world that generate vast sums of revenue; holdings such as high-end condominiums and apartments, as well as manufacturing plants, R&D labs, and even some low-level mercenary and private security companies. The diversity and sheer number of businesses that TZO owns (publicly and otherwise) generate enough revenue to supply their operatives with some of the best weaponry, armor and technology on the planet. TZO operatives regularly sport tech that makes even the most hardened of warriors drool. This higher technology also adds to their anonymity: its impossible to trace a round fired from a railgun with conventional technology.

TZO headhunts their operatives, often only choosing those who are at least as good at Tier One operatives. In many cases, TZO will take in children who have no family, and train them, molding them into operatives from a young age. Because of the secrecy involved, these children grow up relatively isolated, socializing primarily with other TZO members. This creates in unique, insular culture, breeding family-oriented warriors. This culture is just another layer of secrecy; TZO operatives do not often have many contacts in the outside world, and operatives who do have contacts do not consider them so close that they feel compelled to reveal anything to them. This also creates a culture that constantly takes in “new blood”, but also encourages TZO members to “mate within the pack” as it were. Over the generations, TZO has grown to over 100,000 members from nearly every culture on the planet, occupying 16 cities entirely populated by TZO members. This allows TZO maintain secure “home fronts” as well as deploy operatives to most parts of the globe within just a few hours.

TZO’s most recent major operations included the “asset denial” of nuclear weapons to Iran, the “Interdiction” of several terrorist bombing cells in Europe, and the “Selective pruning” of several hundred ammo dumps, vehicle depots, artillery encampments, and SAM sites to terrorist guerrillas in Afghanistan.

TZO is governed by the Direx board, the heads of the Financial, Logistical, Research, Intelligence, and Militant branches of TZO.

Tier Zero Operations (TZO)

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