Zombie campaign (d20 Modern modified)

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Not Your Average Train Ride

Not Your Average Train Ride

Setting: A train heading to Denver, Colorado from the East.

The players start out minding their own business on the train:
Scott has been tasked by the US Marshals Service to Escort John into the Denver Office to hand over some information. He is not enjoying the company.
John has data he discovered while doing a security-consultant job. He has offered to turn state’s evidence for a fee. He is not enjoying the company.
Vladmir is heading to Denver to take his place as Vor of the Russian mob operations in Denver. Sitting in the dining car with 3 of his subordinates, having lunch.
Margaret is returning from vacation. She is sitting in the coach section, lightly dozing
Russel is sleeping like a log, going to a football game.

None of the players heard the approaching Hind Gunship as it fires a missile directly at the train, impacting on the second train car, derailing the train. The sudden derailment tosses the passengers of the train around like rag dolls, and many do not survive. Those who do begin to climb out of the burning wreckage just as the sun begins its afternoon descent. The Hind departs to the west, as the players join together to form a party. Some of those who survived the crash begin to move, though their appearance is dreadful.

Ashen skin, Bloodshot eyes, with now-pale irises, tattered clothing, and a vacant stare are all common traits of these new horrors trapped in human skin. One spots the Group and lets out a howl that chill a person all the way to to bone. The unearthly moan attracts the attention of nearby monstrosities, and they begin their charge.

The group manages to escape, and they begin to head north, through a light forest to a nearby highway. When they arrive, they find only ruin; cars are deadlocked, many of them crashed into one another. More ashen horrors loiter around, and a few appear to be trapped in their vehicles. The group manages to free a sedan and, with Russel at the wheel, they begin to make their way westward, towards Denver.

Soon, the group encounters a small, rural town. They can see that up ahead, people are staggering around as if in a daze. The group decides to approach in their vehicle, but as they grow closer, the engine noise attracts attention. Russel guns the engine and peels out as a mob begins to form. A few zombies are run down by the sedan, the rest give chase.


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